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Source 3000

Portable Pressure Source

Source 3000

Fully pneumatic, Source 3000 offers a clean, dry pressure source up to 3000 psi. It is equipped with a largecapacity nitrogen cylinder so you won’t run out in the middle of a job, and eliminates the inconvenience and physical stress of hand pumps. It has two ports for connecting to a measuring device and virtually any electronic calibrator. For added convenience, the removable cover
allows Source 3000 to be positioned at different angles for easy operation in tight spaces.

Perfect for use in a variety of environments, Source 3000 delivers reliable, high-accuracy performance. This unique device incorporates a precision pressure vernier that allows you to dial in exact pressure readings, eliminating the risk of costly damage from overshoot. It’s housed in an aluminum carrying case that provides lightweight portability as well as protection in industrial environments.

Source 3000...providing a quick, convenient and lasting pressure source wherever you need it.

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