Faure Herman


Helical Turbine Technology

The Heliflu-TZN is designed for high accuracy liquid measurement from very light LPG products to heavy crude oils. Faure Herman's innovative measurement solutions provide you the greatest flexibility to address flow rate changes, both within and between pipeline diameters through a flexible flowrate cartridge. The advanced designe and robust construction of the Heliflu TZN makes it the perfect choice for use in the world's most demanding applications, environments and industries. 

Key Benefits

  • Custom calibrated to your specified viscosities

  • Suitable for high viscosities (greater than 350 cSt)

  • Minimal sensitivity to density and viscosity variations

  • Superior linearity & repeatability over wide flow ranges

  • Addresses production life cycle changes: — Downsizing “DS” & Flexible Flowrates “FF”

  • Low pressure drop and lower energy consumption

  • Low downtime — customer serviceable

  • Easy to prove — ideal solution for Master Meters

  • Superior pulse stability reduces required prover volume

  • Proven robust technology / Long term reliability

  • Complies with global certifications and standards

  • Faure Herman’s 90+ years of metering experience



The HelifluTM TLM flowmeter is designed for high accuracy measurement of low to medium viscosity liquids and refined products. Meter installations and custody transfer operations are improved by the unique weight and space saving design which includes integrated flow conditioning. The Heliflu™ TLM is fitted with a removable measuring cartridge and includes an integrated flow conditioner that allows installation without any upstream and downstream pipe runs

Key Benefits

  • Proven robust technology  

  • Calibrated on customer specified viscosities  

  • Integrated flow conditioning : no straight length required

  • Easy to install / Horizontal or vertical installation

  • Low total cost of ownership

  • Removable cartridge for easy maintenance

  • Low downtime

  • Low pressure drop and energy consumption

  • Complies with global certifications and standards

  • Manufactured with 90+ years of metering experience



Our innovative design provides you the most economical method to address your process measurement needs with high accuracy on light to medium liquids while also allowing easy field serviceability. Unlike so many ‘disposable’ meters, the HelifluTM TCX is far more cost efficient. That’s because its custom calibrated rotor and downstream crosspiece were designed to be replaced in the field. Since the rotor is the calibrated component of the meter and all spare rotors are precalibrated in our lab1 the result is vastly reduced downtime whenever maintenance is required. The HelifluTM TCX is well suited for process measurement applications in the world’s most demanding applications, environments and industries


Key Benefits

  • Economical process measurement

  • Custom calibrated precisely to your specified viscosities

  • Flexible flow rates available within certain line sizes

  • Suitable for low to medium viscosities (< 10 cSt)

  • Minimal sensitivity to density and viscosity variations

  • Low pressure drop lowers energy consumption

  • Lowers total cost of ownership

  • Lowers downtime – easy field maintenance

  • Proven technology / Long term reliability

  • Easy, flexible installation: either horizontal or vertical

  • Complies with global certifications and standards