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Schultz Process Services

Gas Separators


Vertical Gas Separator

  • 316 EDP patented vane technology

  • 3 phase applications

  • Combination of various SPS inlet devices

    • Inlet Multi-Swirlsep Centrifugal Devices

    • Conventional Tangential Inlet Devices

    • Inlet Pipe Diffuser

    • Dished Head Baffles

    • Vane Inlet Baffle

  • 99.9% removal of 8µ-10µ

filter sep.PNG

Filter Separators / Dry Gas Filters

  • Full instrumentation/skid packages

  • Quick opening closures for filter element removal

  • Sumps or Lower Barrel configuration

  • Liquid: 99.9% of 3μ droplets

  • Solids: 99.9% of 3μ and larger particles


Reverse Flow Coalescer

  • KO - inlet baffle

  • Vane mist extractor to reduce liquid loading to the elements

  • Multi Cyclone for liquid and/or solid removal prior to the elements

  • High efficiency reverse flow coalescing elements

  • 99.9% of 0.3μ droplets of both solid and liquid particles 

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