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Strahman Sampling Valves

  • Piston moves through the valve clearing out any material that may harden 

  • Piston extension breaks through any crust or scale that forms 

  • Dual sealing ring arrangement keeps the valve from leaking to the atmosphere 

  • No dead spot - piston completely fills the valve interior 

  • Always gives a live sample - new product is introduced into the sampling area when the piston retracts

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Strahman Washdown Equipment

  • Whatever your washdown or cleaning protocol, water, in some form, plays a vital role. Our Mixing Unit Hose Stations are available based on supply – hot or cold supply, blended hot and cold, or instant hot water with a steam supply. All units have everything needed to connect to your lines, plus a standard equipped hose rack for storing your hose and spray nozzle.

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